Did You Know That Asphalt Is Recyclable?

Hardrives, Inc. is proud to produce a product that is 100% recyclable. We are a contractor that can do it all from start to finish. With our operations combined; Milling and Reclaiming, Crushing, Plant Production and the Laydown Crews, we can create a quality product that is sure to provide service for years to follow.

Hardrives, Inc. efforts to be GREEN include:

• Recycling used engine oil by burning it through our asphalt burners on our dryers in the manufacturing process.
• Recycling both waste roofing shingles (tear-offs) and new shingles from manufactures scrap in our Hot Mix Asphalt.

With over an estimated 11 million tons of asphalt roofing shingles generated annually in the United States, Hardrives, Inc. is actively doing a part to help reduce these wastes in our environment.

• Recycling old asphalt pavement in our Hot Mix Asphalt.
• Recycling old asphalt pavements into base materials such as class 5.
• Recycling old asphalt by reclaiming an existing roadway, thus incorporating the asphalt material into the road base.
• Recycling waste and scrap concrete into base materials such as class 5.

Hardrives, Inc. emphasizes the environmentally safe operations of all their Hot Mix Asphalt Plants.  The faithful monitoring and maintenance of our Plants is key to ensuring that our facilities are low in emissions and that they operate in a manner that confirms our commitment to the environment.