Our Founder

"Have a plan, and work your plan." - Kenneth R. Hall

Kenneth R. Hall was born and raised in St. Cloud Minnesota. As a young, educated man he began working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and other various contractors and engineering firms after college and for over 10 years. He teamed with Gordon Barbarossa, having the sharp business sense to recognize a smart venture.  Ken created with his own pencil a "Hardyman" to be the company mascot.  With the name 

Hardrives, Inc. and with a vision, Ken began to work his plan...In 1995, Ken Hall retired as President/CEO of Hardrives, Inc., handing off his duties to son Steve. Ken's plan always included his children, who worked by his side, learning and growing right along with him over the years. They continued the tradition of quality work, just as their father had taught them...

Sadly on December 24, 1997 Kenneth R. Hall passed away at the age of 63. His legacy as the  "Hardyman" will forever live on in the eyes of the employees that continue to work his plan. The Hall family, with heads held high, continued to work and grow Kenny's vision.

In Memory of Donald R. Hall

Executive Vice President

May 7th 1966 - June 25th 2016