Commercial Markets

Whether you're a design or engineering firm looking for a construction partner, or a general contractor in need of a paving provider, Hardrives, Inc. delivers the results you need where and when you need them!

From the all-weather durability and economy of asphalt to the structural advantages of steel-reinforced concrete, Hardrives, Inc. possesses the full range of infrastructure construction skill sets, experienced crews, and reliable equipment.

Excavating, grading, paving, pre-casting, redi-mix, milling, crushing – Hardrives does it all, and more besides! Hardrives can help you and your client save money, conserve resources, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of your facility. We use the best materials available; offer honest, competitive bids; and enjoy an excellent, well-earned reputation throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Successful Projects

For durability, profitability, and superior aesthetics, count on Hardrives, Inc.


Shopping Malls

Athletic Facilities

Parking lots



New Developments


Access Lanes

Commercial Services Offered

Asphalt Paving

Process of laying asphalt on a surface


Removal of old asphalt surfaces


Mining material and processing it through washing, screening, and crushing to create usable products.

Grading and Excavating

Process of handling, moving, and preparing surfaces

Redi-Mix and Pre-Cast Products

3000, 4000, & 5000 PSI Concrete

Manhole Covers

Manhole Adjustment Rings

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Boat Planks


Concrete Picnic Tables

Concrete Fire Pits