Government Markets

Hardrives has earned an enviable reputation among the governmental agencies it’s served.

From safety to cost-containment, unfounded mandates to mandatory maintenance programs, governments are subject to every variety of pressure, publicity, and practical constraint. Today’s publicly funded construction projects are judged not only by their obvious practical benefits – but also by their social, economic, and their environmental effects.  

Hardrives, Inc. recognizes the complex infrastructure challenges faced by governments at all levels; we understand the needs of all the competing constituencies, as well as the importance of delivering total value for every tax dollar spent, while managing risk through every step of the process.

Hardrives, Inc. has a long and successful track record in helping governments meet their construction priorities – priorities that reflect hard-won victories of policy-making, planning, and program development.   
Efficient energy use is not just a construction cost issue – quality roads are more fuel-efficient for all users; they wear longer and require less maintenance long-term.

Experience Counts

We’re thoroughly experienced in the reconstruction, rehabilitation, restoration and resurfacing of all classes of roads, bridges, and associated transportation infrastructure – as both a prime- and a sub-contractor.

We embrace the objectives of Environmental Justice; we have participated successfully in Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program projects, Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program projects, and Federal Lands Highways Program projects. 

We’ve paved park trails all over the Upper Midwest. 

Despite the ever-intensifying engineering, economic, and environmental challenges, we’ve never lost sight of the fundamentals: that transportation infrastructure not only connects people to places – it connects people to one another.

What We Contract

From State Departments of Transportation to individual counties and municipalities, we’re recognized as a contractor that can do it all. We control the construction process from raw material to finished product – and test relentlessly every step of the way – the results we deliver will stand the test of time.

What We Contract